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Open University of Cyprus

The Open University of Cyprus (eshtablished in 2002) is a public university based in Nicosia, that adaps and implements open and distance learning.

From its eshtablishment until today, OUC Από την ίδρυσή του έως και σήμερα το ΑΠΚΥ has been expanding dynamically, offering recognised programs, for 21 undergraduate and master degrees, as well as 10 PHD level degrees.

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Herpetological Society of Cyprus

Herpetological Society of Cyprus (HSC) was established in 1990 with the aim of promoting, studying and conserving Cyprus’ herpetofauna. As part of its work, HSC fulfill presentations, educational seminars, studies and researches, along with other activities that relates with informing and educating the public about reptiles Cyprus.

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