Photo: Savvas Zotos

Schneider’s skink

Eumeces schneiderii

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family:  Scincidae



Medium sized lizard that can reach 50cm in body length, including the tail. Smooth shiny back with a united greyish color and a pale white abdomen. On the lateral surface a thin bright orange strip is detected that extends from head to tail.

Basic biology:


Found mostly in open areas of Mediterranean maquis of phrygana. Seems to avoid wet areas such as rivers or dams. It feeds mainly on terrestrial invertebrates such as spiders, insects and snails. Reproduce takes place during spring and summer. Females lay between 6-20 eggs.

Distribution at Cyprus:

From the coast to an altitude of 1.800m.

Global distribution:

North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Middle East to Pakistan, northwestern India, Turkey, Cyprus.



Protection status:


Map of confirmed presence:

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