Photo: Savvas Zotos

Snake-eyed skink

Ablepharus budaki

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family:  Scincidae



Small-sized lizard with body size that does not exceed 12cm in length including the tail. Smooth dark color back with copper-gray shades. On the side a wide dark brown stripe is detected that extends from head to tail.

Basic biology:


Mainly located in areas with rich vegetation of deciduous trees (eg. Oaks and sycamore trees) where it lives in litterfall. It can also be found in areas with dense grassy or bushy vegetation or even in coniferous forest while it avoids dry areas. Feeds mainly with small arthropods. Reproduce takes place during spring and summer. Females lay from 2-4 eggs which hatch two months after oviposition.

Distribution at Cyprus:

From the coast to the peaks of Troodos mountain.

Global distribution:

Cyprus, south Turkey, Syria, Lebanon.



Protection status:

Map of confirmed presence:

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