Data collection sources

The Atlas contains more than 6,600 localities for the 23 terrestrial reptiles and amphibians of Cyprus. The data of the Atlas has been collected from a variety of sources, including books, localities from reptile recording projects, existing Cypriot databases, information granted by volunteers and the general public as well as from social media.


We hope that the Atlas will be used as a platform to collect, present and exchange data concerning the Cypriot herpetofauna.  We aknowledge that there is an abundance of reptile and amphibian observations for Cyprus, and we encourage anyone who has data and is interested in aiding to this effort to share them with us.


We want to kindly thank all volunteers, who have thus far contributed in the creation of the Atlas by providing data for the enrichment of the existing database.

If you make use of HerpAtlas database in your academic work, cite us, please:


Zotos S., Stamatiou M., & Vogiatzakis I. (2023) The Cyprus Herp Atlas: An initiative for systematic recording of amphibian and reptile occurrences in Cyprus. Biodiversity Data Journal: e98142,

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